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Lake Superior Circle Tour

April 27, 2011 - Bad news.  The 2011 Lake Superior Circle Tour is cancelled. 

It seems like the price of gas ($6/gal in Canada right now, and $4/gal here) has killed us.  We only have 9 registrations and thatís not anywhere even close to my break-even point so Iíve decided to cancel this year.  But, I believe some, if not most, of the other riders who were going have decided to go anyway.  I've held off for some time hoping that something would change but I'm now resigned to the fact that I have to cancel this year's tour.

Iíll be sending out refunds in the next couple of days.  I feel absolutely terrible that I have to cancel, but there is no way I can absorb the thousands of dollars that it takes to put this on.  In November, December and January I was getting maybe a dozen inquiries a week, which is more than weíve ever gotten that early in the season.  Then in February, when the gas prices started to rise, it was like someone turning off the faucet and I only got a few a month.  Since the beginning of February Iíve only gotten three registrations.

For those of you thinking, "If only I'd sent mine in instead of waiting till the last opportunity" and beating yourself up for it, do know that the break-even point is around 30 participants and we are not even close to that.  I do know that Mark Kowal's group of four people are still making the tour and he has said that he'd love to have others to ride with.  Anyone who is interested in still going can contact me info@wolfsheadrally.com and I will forward your e-mail address to Mark.   John Cowan, who I believe has gone every year, may also still go, so he may be an excellent resource about the route for those still going.

I do have some T-shirts left from last year (undated) and if anyone is interested shoot me an e-mail.

Again, I am crushed and so sorry to have to cancel the tour.

Sheldon Aubut
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LAKE SUPERIOR CIRCLE TOUR, includes Logo printed bandanna, Free barbeque on the 3rd night, numbered cast belt buckle, Lake Superior Circle Tour patch, Lake Superior Circle Tour certificate, the security of a chase vehicle/trailer, and Circle Tour Host and Hostess.

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