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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Lake Superior Circle Tour
July 11-15, 2011
Tour registration
is now OPEN

Wolf's Head Rally
There will be no Rally in 2011

Wolf's Head Lake Superior Circle Tour Web Site:

Wolf's Head Lake Superior Circle Tour Registration Information:

Wolf's Head Lake Superior Circle Tour Itinerary:

Question:  Will there be a Lake Superior Circle Tour in 2011?
Answer: Yes, yes, yes...!!!  Of course if there are enough pre-registrations to justify it.  In 2009 we only had two pre-registrations in by April 15th which is our cut off day for having to get our insurance, order buckles, scarves, t-shirts and all the things that have to be ordered far before the tour date.  Things improved for 2010 and numbers were up again in spite of the economy still being so very weak.  We depend on pre-registrations to let us know where we stand and unfortunately in 2009 with only two registrations in we were forced to cancel the tour for the first time in our history, and of course once we'd made the announcement people started telling us how they were planning on going, had made vacation plans and so on, but because of the economy and new passport requirements were waiting till the last minute.  Of course in 2001-2003 we had the opposite problem and we filled up before the event with over 250 people and couldn't take any more late registrations. Simply put: if you plan on going register as soon as you possibly can. 

Question:  Why do you tour the lake counter-clockwise?
Answer: The first year we toured clock-wise which instinctively is the direction of first choice but we found out that by touring counter-clockwise the vistas along the route are much better.  Also, on the south shore through Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan much of the time the highway is carved through incredible forests of pine and hardwoods but the lake is often not visible from the roadway.  Going clockwise you start off with the incredible views along the North Shore of Minnesota, then the craggy shoreline of Ontario and finally as a sort of anti-climax the tour through the UP and Wisconsin forests to the end.  By reversing it and going counter-clockwise all along the route the scenery just gets better and better until you arrive back in the Duluth area.

Question:  Where can I find out about motel and campsite accommodations around the lake? 
Answer: A good place to start would be the Itinerary page at:
 You are responsible for making your own reservations for lodging and our list of hotels, motels, B&B's and campgrounds along the route are by no means the only places to stay so do your research on-line.  Another good resource is the Wolf's Head Yahoo Group.  Folk there have made the trip and can tell you the "skinny" on lodging along the route. Information about subscribing can be found at the bottom of this page.

Question:  Where will the Lake Superior Circle Tour originate?
Answer:  The Tour starts at the Country Inn & Suite in Proctor Minnesota and will leave Monday morning.  Check out their Web site:
http://www.countryinns.com/duluthmn_south  This is on the top of Spirit Mountain overlooking Duluth Minnesota/Superior Wisconsin.  We've negotiated a discounted rates that are substantially below their normal rates.  One must remember that Duluth is very much a tourist town and on weekends the hotels, motels and campgrounds fill up quickly and by the time of the tour your chances of finding accommodations are almost none so it is advised that you make your registrations as early in the year as possible.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING YOUR OWN REGISTRATIONS, both in Duluth and around the lake.

Question:  Do you provide a package that includes lodging and meals for the entire tour?
Answer:  In the future we do plan on doing just that but that is not yet in place.

Question:  Does my motorcycle's insurance policy cover me in Canada?
Answer: Policies vary on this so it is advised that you contact your insurance agent or company and verify or purchase insurance for Canada.  If your insurance company covers you in Canada you may want to ask if they can provide a card or letter verifying that for use for your travel in Canada.  We've never heard of anyone being asked for a card, and it is NOT required by Canadian law, but it could happen, especially if one has an "incident" while there.

Question:  Do I need a passport to cross into Canada.
Answer:  You do not need a passport to cross into Canada but you will need one to re-enter the United States although you may also provide a U.S. Passport Card, an "Enhanced Driver's License", a "Trusted Traveler Program Card", and several other "Special Groups" documents.  You can find out more information about what these requirements here:

Question:  I've had a D.W.I (D.U.I.) conviction.  Can I enter Canada.
Answer:  In Canada a DWI is a felony and they normally don't allow people with felonies into the country.  You can contact the Canadian Consulate and I'm told they sometimes give special permission especially if the conviction was many years ago.  One could just try crossing and if they don't check, which they mostly don't, then you could breeze across.  But it would be a day wrecker to get to the border and be turned away.  Might be best to do some checking first.  If you have a Canadian Consulate near you it would be a good place to start otherwise this site might help:

Question:  What happens if I break down along the route.
Answer:  We will have a chase vehicle, (A pick-up truck with an enclosed trailer) following the group.  There is room in it for up to two motorcycles although only room in the cab for one passenger.  You may have to ride on the back of another's bike into the next town.  Usually we can't transport you to the end of the tour but we can get you to a the next town or service location.  If you travel the route of the tour, getting your Wolf's Head Route Passport stamped at all check points you will qualify as having completed the tour whether on your own bike or the back of another.  If you do not complete the tour you will not receive the belt buckle and certificate as we have to preserve the integrity of the tour for those who've completed the entire route.

Question:  Is there any site or page where we can communicate with other riders from this year or past years?
Answer:  Please join us at the Wolf's Head Rally and Lake Superior Circle Tour group at Yahoo Groups:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wolfsheadrally  Information about subscribing can be found at the bottom of this page.

Question:  Will there be a Wolf's Head Rally in 2011?
Answer: No.  In 2008 we lost our venue in Two Harbors Minnesota for the rally due to changes at the fairgrounds.  We tried moving the rally to Cloquet Minnesota but after having pouring rain all of rally weekend we decided there would be no rally for the next several years.  We are in talks with other possible venues and we are hoping to re-start the rally in 2012 and it might possibly move closer to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area.

Question:  Do we ride out as one long string of motorcycles?
Answer:  No.  Generally you will find yourself riding in groups of from four to eight motorcycles.  By breaking into small groups and meeting up at night and in the morning as a group you will find you have more time for sight-seeing, going off on side tours and have a much better experience.  It is also safer than riding as a large group.   We do suggest that no one rides individually and that you at the very least have a riding partner.  Some of the areas you will be traversing are very, very remote and there is no cell phone service on most of the route.  It is very important that you do not ride alone.

Question:  Will there be guides along on the tour?
Answer:  Not the conventional idea of "guides" but rather "hosts" who have traveled the route many times, know most of the things to do and see, will lead the morning meetings and generally be there to help you when they can.

Question:  How do you know we completed the entire route.
Answer:  At the start you will be issued with a "Wolf's Head Passport" which is a certificate that you must get stamped at each this year's designated checkpoints.  Usually that will be a gas station, store, restaurant or other fixed point.  You will be required to turn in a completed passport at the end of tour check-in.  If you miss a stamp you may have to backtrack to get your stamp as again, to protect the integrity of the tour, you must have all stamps in your "passport".

Question:  What is the cost of the 2011 tour?
Answer:  If paid before May 31, 2010 it will be $150.00 U.S.d., if after May 31st $170.00.  Children under 16 are free, although they will not receive the buckle and other gifts, though they will be eligible for door prizes along the route.

Question:  What kinds of clothes should I pack.
Answer:  The weather along the route can vary from almost winter-like to summer-in-Florida-like.  Bring everything you own.  Nah, pack light but do be prepared for any weather.  We suggest you wear a sturdy pair of boots and all-weather motorcycle clothing.  If you do not have that do bring clothes along so you can layer them and remove them as the weather warms.  It could be in the 40's in the morning and warm into the upper 80's by late afternoon and rain is entirely dependent on whether or not you left your rain gear and umbrella at home.  I've given to calling them my "anti-rain talismans" and know that if I have them with it will never rain, but leave them at home and you may as well rename me Noah.  Seriously, pack as much as you can safely carry and do be prepared for any eventuality.

Question:  Do I need a helmet.
Answer:  Yes.  They are required in Michigan and Ontario.

Question:  Can I bring my radar detector.
Answer:  Only if you don't mind losing it if it is spotted in Canada.  Radar detectors are against the law in Ontario and they do confiscate them if seen.

Question:  Do we need to fill out a separate registration form for each person, or can we just fill out one to cover all four of us.
Answer: One registration form per bike.   If mailed in do print legibly, as this is the information that is put up on the web site about rider's names and what type of bike, and used for emergency contact information.  Using the on-line registration form will remedy any bad handwriting but typing and spelling errors can still abound.

Question: What is the cost of tour and rally for my passenger?
Answer: The same price as it is for the driver.  None of our expenses (insurance, promotion, chase vehicle, camp grounds, music, food, etc) are lessened by the fact that a person is a passenger.

Question:  I plan to take my young daughter along.  If we are going to ride "two up", do I need to register the both of us or is the registration per motorcycle?
Answer: UNDER 16 years old, riding on pillion or in sidecar are FREE!   The registration is per person.  Additionally, if your child is under 18 years of age you will be required to fill out a Parental Release Form.  All minors traveling with someone other than a parent or legal guardian, MUST have a signed, notarized statement of temporary guardianship from their parents or guardian.  This is a MANDATORY provision of our insurance.

Question:  For people living along the route, is there a provision for joining the tour in progress? It would add a lot of time to have to go all the way around to Duluth and then come right back. .
Answer: To protect the integrity of of the tour and to reduce problems related to having multiple starting points we do require that, to collect a belt buckle, patch and certificate, riders must start and end at the official start location in Duluth Minnesota.  If you are not interested in those things but only want to ride with a great group of people then do register and we will give you an appropriate discount.  Do know that the price will not be greatly reduced as some of our costs such as our even insurance still cost us the same.

Question:  What are the ages of riders who have gone on the tour?
Answer: They have ranged from a 9 year old boy riding with his Dad, to bikers in their 70's!

Question:  Do I need to belong to the AMA to take part in the rally and tour?
Answer: NO! We are AMA (American Motorcycle Association) and CMA (Canadian Motorcycle Association) registered promoters.   Although we encourage riders to join and support these types of groups, you do not have to belong to them to take part in our events.

Question:  We plan on camping in a tent. Do I need to set up reservations with the camp grounds or is there room for everyone on the tour?
Answer:  We would recommend making reservations at campgrounds as tour riders are responsible for their own accommodations.  Names of hotels and campgrounds along the route are available here.  In Duluth  the best list of lodging, eateries and things to see can be found on the Visit Duluth Web site:  http://www.visitduluth.com    You can also find a list of things to do and see at Sheldon's "Finnish Riviera" page at Duluth History.COM site here:  http://www.cityhistory.us/duluth/finnish.htm

Question:  Can you recommend any sites on the Web to learn about tourism in Ontario?
Answer:  Try these:  http://www.gov.on.ca   http://wwwontarioparks.com   http://www.ontariotravel.net

Question:  How big is Lake Superior?
Answer:  Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world by surface area and the third largest by volume, only eclipsed in that by Lake Baikal in Siberia and Lake Tanganyika in Africa.  It holds 2,800 cubic miles of water, is 1,332 deep at its deepest point, is 350 miles long and 160 miles at its maximum width.  Surface area is 31,820 square miles.  Its elevation is 600 feet above sea level and its shore length is 2,725 miles, although you only will travel about 1,500 miles on your trip around it.  A great place to learn about it is:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_superior

Question:  Are there any shipwrecks in Lake Superior?
Answer:  Oh yeah!  Lists of shipwrecks on Lake Superior show from 350 to 500 ships have been totally lost in modern times.   If these interest you then you may want to make a side visit to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Paradise Michigan:

Another very informative site is David Swayze's "The Great Lakes Shipwreck File:  Total Losses of Great Lakes Ships 1679-1999" at:

And if you are just hungry for information on Great Lakes shipping try his main site:

Question:  Will I enjoy the tour?
Answer:  Yes!!!!  So far we've not had one person say they had a miserable time and that even in 2003 when that group had rain almost every day, although that would be an incredibly rare week.

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