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The first Wolf's Head Motorcycle Tour and Rally was held in 1998 in Cloquet Minnesota.   The managers believed it was time Minnesota had its own organized, all-brand, non-club motorcycle event.  Since that first year the Wolf's Head continued to grow annually and remained the region's largest "everybody welcome" motorcycle rally.

Wolf's Head is unusual in two respects: it puts riding first and rallying second, and it is family-oriented.  Its impressive 1,500-mile Lake Superior Circle Tour runs five days around the largest, by area, fresh water lake in the world, with vistas that are nothing less than magnificent.

The Tour leaves from the Country Inn & Suites at the top of Spirit Mounting in Duluth/Proctor Minnesota and proceeds at each rider's, or self-organized group's, own pace through three states and Ontario, much of the time within sight of Lake Superior.  It follows the shoreline counter-clockwise, with nightly stops at Houghton-Hancock and Munising, Michigan and Wawa and Nipigon, Ontario.   "Counter clock-wise" is the best way to start off across Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula as you are often going through boreal forests which are beautiful but the road is mostly out of sight of Lake Superior.  Then you cross into Canada and across the Canadian North Shore where coming from the east the views are more spectacular than when coming from the west.  And finally you cross back into the U.S. and down Minnesota's rocky North Shore and finish with some of the most inspiring views of the route.  Going clock-wise you get all the truly best parts at first then it becomes just a mad dash to finish through the forests of Michigan and Wisconsin.  We like to see the excitement build along the route.

The Tour events, although not specifically geared toward youngsters, are designed to be fun for families and riders of all ages.  Children as young as nine years old have accompanied their parents around the Lake as motorcycle passengers and, afterward, comfortably enjoyed the rally grounds and activities.

All brands and types of motorcycles are welcome and the Tour draws touring motorcycles designed to carry large amounts of gear, sport bikes, dual-sports, cruisers, and even small-engined bikes.  Motorcycles of all makes have gone around the Lake; riders enjoy comparing the features of their BMWs, Moto Guzzi, Hondas, Suzuki, Harley-Davidsons, Indians, Yamahas and other brands.   Bikes from the 1930's to 1960's Honda 50's, to Custom Harleys and bone stock motorcycles have made the 1500 mile trek.

The first Wolf's Head Rally was held in Cloquet, Minnesota, but moved the following year to Two Harbors (25 miles north of Duluth) where it was held for eight years, then back to Cloquet in 2008.  The 2009-2012 Rallies were cancelled due to the economy but we hope to bring it back at some point.

The Wolf's Head Motorcycle Tours & Rally partners also put on the non-profit Jim Hogan Fun Run every June which also began in 1998.  Riders begin at Cloquet, MN and ride to Ely MN, where they enjoy meals together, plus a camp-over.  The Fun Run benefits multiple sclerosis sufferers and is named for former teacher Jim Hogan, now deceased, of Ely Minnesota.   Jim Hogan was a beloved fixture in the Ely community and he especially looked forward to riding in a sidecar rig every year of the run.


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