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Jim Hogan Fun Run


Wolf's Head Rally
Lake Superior Circle Tour
Jim Hogan Fun Run

February 18, 2013 - It appears that the Wolf's Head Rally, Lake Superior Circle Tour and the Jim Hogan Fun Run have run their course.  This year the Ely Lions Club is being disbanded so there will no longer be a Jim Hogan Run.  It has been 15 years since the first event and we've had a great time putting smiles on so many faces.  This site will stay up for the near future as a resource for those planning trips around Lake Superior and for those wanting to browse old photos.

 I've have posted here, for all to see, the detailed itinerary for the tour that in the past was reserved only for registered riders.  I'm hoping that this will encourage all to take their own tour around the BIG Lake.  I'll keep the photos from previous tours and rallies up and if anyone finds the information I'll be posting here of value maybe you'd consider making a donation to the hosting and maintenance of this site.  Any information you can send to correct or add to the site and especially the itinerary would be greatly appreciated.  And of course we'd love to post your tour photos here, or link to them.

We may entertain offers for purchase of the Wolf's Head names and properties.

Sheldon Aubut
Wolf's Head Rally & Lake Superior Circle Tour



Tour Itinerary

Photos from the 2010 Lake Superior Circle Tour

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The Lake Superior Circle Tour was a leisurely 1,500-mile cruise around Lake Superior, an event that gave visitors the chance to experience waterfront vistas, fine roads, maritime and mining history, and friendly people. 

Wolf's Head Motorcycle Rally & Tour put riding first and rallying a close second.  The "Wolf's Head Lake Superior Circle Tour" ran five days counter-clockwise around Lake Superior following the shoreline through Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, and Minnesota, with overnight stops in Houghton and Munising, Michigan, and Wawa and Nipigon, Ontario. The pace was relaxed to allow more time for sight-seeing and the distance ridden on any day did not exceed 300 miles.

Motorcyclists come from all over the North America joined this family-oriented Tour. 


Photo of 2007 custom Matrix Trailer
Paint by Brian Bossen of Sniper Kustoms
2006 & 2007 trailers!

Wolf's Head Rally & Tours and Matrix Trailers  have had a long relationship.  They make a great product so please support them.


On the Wolf's Head Tours we ride safely, therefore we use our helmets like the ones from motorcycle helmet from bikebandit  Remember that Michigan and Ontario require helmets although in Minnesota and Wisconsin they are not required. 

Photo Albums 

"It would be a fine thing for the world if some of this goodwill could be bottled up at Christmas time and dealt out regularly wherever it was needed during the rest of the year. For instance, I'm sure the motorcycle world could stand some of it; for, even though we boast of our "good fellowship" spirit, there still seems to be a tendency among a good many motorcyclist to slight the fellow riding another kind of machine. Motorcyclist are all bound together by a brotherhood tie through their love of the sport, and what difference does it make what make of machine he rides as long as he belongs to the clan?" -- Walter Davidson  --  The December, 1920 edition of the H-D Enthusiast Magazine.




Wolf's Head Motorcycle Rally & Tour is very proud to have been North America's only FIM sanctioned rally/road riding event.

                               American Motorcyclist Association



Motorcycle Trailers


Twin City Custom Cycle - Ridley - Titan - Indian




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